SWF Bascavado Bey

(Bravado Bey V × BA Bascata)

1997 Bay Gelding

We have always been very fond of Varian bred horses, since the focus of our breeding program is to breed structurally correct, typey Arabians who have excellent movement. We looked to Shelia Varian for her guidance and knowledge in breeding Bosco's dam, BA Bascata.

Shelia introduced us to her young stallion Bravado Bey V. Bravado has tremendous charisma, excellent bone and feet and talk about length of neck! Bravado Bey V is a halter horse that trots under saddle, a nearly impossible accomplishment in today's big trotting English horses and level crouped halter horses. After reviewing the areas were Bascata needed to be improved upon we knew Bravado was the one for her. The result...well you be the judge! Bosco's first time in the show ring was at the very competitive Arabian Horse Association of Michigan's Breeders Futurity. Bosco won the Junior Weanling Colt class (out of 32 entires) then went on the following night to be awarded Reserve Supreme Grand Champion 1997!

He is the type of Colt that makes Arabian horse breeders proud. Bosco not only has superb conformation, and excellent movement, he is beautiful! A gorgeous head with big black eyes set wide apart, huge nostrils and small tipey ears. He has a long fine neck that just goes on forever, set on an excellent shoulder. And oh what a body! This colt has only improved with age. Bosco was sold three months after the Futurity show in 1997, we wish his owner Miguel Sifeur the best, and look forward to seeing you both in the winners circle!


Show Record

  • 1997 Arabian Horse Asscoiation of Michigan's Breeders Futurity Reserve Supreme Grand Champion
  • 1998 Region VII Yearling Colt Sweepstakes Champion
  • 1998 US National Top 20 Yearling Colt
  • 1999 Region VII AOTH Stallion Halter Champion
  • 2000 Region VII Reserve Champion Stallion



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