Jumeriah Rose SWF

(M A Shadow El Sher × SWF Desert Rose)

2009 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

2009 Grey Mare
AHR #643749

Bred by Stonewall Farm, LLC

Jumeirah Rose SWF is sired by MA Shadow El Sher, a stallion who combines the blood of two of the most influential stallions in the world -- *El Shaklan and Ali Jamaal. A promising young mare who captivates all with her gorgeous head and elegant femininity, we are thrilled that she will carry forward the cherished dam-line of BB Flamingo Rose.


M A Shadow El Sher El Sher-Mann *El Shaklan Shaker El Masri
Gazira Ga'zi
Sur-Rad Raziya
Calyenna El Jamaal *Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Cahline El Li *Litigator
*Malika Cielo
SWF Desert Rose Magnum Psyche Padrons Psyche *Padron
A Fancy Miracle *Sasaki
*Medina Azahara
BB Flamingo Rose Bask Flame *Bask
Donna Fernava Don Fersheba


Gypsy Rose SWF

(ZT Marwteyn × Jumeriah Rose SWF)
2013 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare