Brazil | Photo Gallery

We had an amazing fun-filled trip to Brazil where we attended the 2018 Brazilian Arabian Nationals Show and the Brazilian Farm Tours. The National show was spectacular with an outstanding group of horses participating. We were very impressed with the quality of the horses both at the National show and the ones we got to see during the Farm Tours. 

The whole experience was amazing, Natalia from Royal Arabians arranged everything for our group. Everything was outstanding and very organized, awesome job Natalia. Our group consisted of Arabian horse enthusiast from all over the world which added to the experience, we had such a blast!  

The Farm Tours were very successful and a wonderful opportunity to see so many beautiful farms and experience the breeding programs of many fantastic breeders from Brazil. Thank you to Cindy McGown and Mark Davis - Royal Arabians for making this trip extra special, you're the best! 

Thank you to HVP Arabian - Haras Vila Dos, Haras Cruzeiro, Haras Al Hoscan and Haras Vale Farmoso for your incredible hospitality and a job well done!