Penelope Bey SWF

(Ajman Moniscione - Reference Sire × Natalia Bey)

2011 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare

AHR #653877
Bred by: Stonewall Farm, LLC

Penelope Bey SWF is one of three daughters out of our mare Natalia Bey, who has been an amazing producer for us. Penelope has an extremely beautiful face, with huge black eyes and tiny refined muzzle and those Psyche ears! This girl is pure attitude and always has her tail straight up! A beautiful body with an strong hip and excellent legs maker her a very impressive mover. Penelope is sired by Ajman Moniscione a son of WH Justice and out of the mare Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli by Padron. With the combination of both her sire and dam lines Penelope has three crosses to Padron, one of most favorite stallions ever! Ajman Moniscione is known for producing extreme type, Natalia Bey the dam of Penelope is know for passing on her beauty, type and movement. The combination of these two incredible individuals has created the beautiful Penelope.



Ajman Moniscione - Reference Sire WH Justice Magnum Psyche Padrons Psyche
A Fancy Miracle
Vona Sher-Renea El Sher-Mann
Anthea Moniscione Padrons Ghibli *Padron
Santanas Dalight
Armonia Aktszn
Natalia Bey Padrons Psyche *Padron Patron
Kilika *Tamerlan
Bey Shahreis Bey Shah Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Capreis El Cap Ghadimar
Hickorys Natasha


JR Lady Kavalle

(*Kavalle MI × Penelope Bey SWF)
2016 Bay Purebred Arabian Filly