Selket Marque

(Marwan Al Shaqab × Selket Khamala)

2005 Bay Purebred Arabian Stallion

With progeny in Poland, Jordan, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom and the United States, Selket Marque was an international sensation as a sire of high quality, conformationally correct foals that excel in both the halter and performance arena. MARQUE's foals have been remarkably consistent with authentic Arabian type, short, well designed, refined faces, large expressive eyes, strong, well balanced bodies, and exceptional length of leg enhanced by powerful dynamic movement and proud animated carriage.

Noble and elegant with extreme quality and presence, MARQUE has proven himself to be one of the best MARWAN AL SHAQAB sons in the world. MARQUE's unique and special dam line further strengthens his distinctive heritage, combining the best of athletically designed Russian structure, exquisite Egyptian Arabian type, and charismatic Polish motion and carriage. SELKET MARQUE is a superlative choice for the serious international breeder.

Owned by: Color Of Fame Arabians - Germany


Marwan Al Shaqab Gazal Al Shaqab Anaza El Farid Ruminaja Ali
Bint Deenaa
Kajora Kaborr+++
Little Liza Fame Fame VF+ Bey Shah+
Katahza Aza Destiny
Afhar Rahza
Selket Khamala Furno Khamal Kapello Kilimandscharo
Kemla El Hilal
Ima Lady *El Kasaka Patron
Harpona *Gaypolka++


Baracus SWF

(Selket Marque × Ultimate Monisah)

Marchello SWF

(Selket Marque × Magna Psyche)
2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Gelding

Marcus SWF

(Selket Marque × PC Scarlett Lace)

Marianna SWF

(Selket Marque × Focus Starlet)
2009 Bay Filly

Marianno SWF

(Selket Marque × Miss Psyche)
2009 Grey Colt

Marissa Bey SWF

(Selket Marque × Natalia Bey)
2009 Bay Mare

Marlana SWF

(Selket Marque × Magna Psyche)

Marquessa Bey SWF

(Selket Marque × Nadina Bey SWF)
2012 Bay Filly

Marsai Mara SWF

(Selket Marque × Focus Vejora)
2012 Grey Colt


(Selket Marque × Miss Justina SWF)
2013 Bay Colt

Marzon SWF

(Selket Marque × Focus Peralta)
2012 Bay Colt

Marzuk SWF

(Selket Marque × Ivory LaVita E Bella )
2012 Grey Colt

Taleb QF

(Selket Marque × Miss Pryme Tyme)
2012 Bay Purebred Arabian Colt

Versai SWF

(Selket Marque × F Cognacs Fantasy)
2012 Grey Colt

Wilhelmina Bey SWF

(Selket Marque × Natalia Bey)
2014 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare