Our Services


What makes the Sales and Marketing program different is that, just like many of David's clients, he is a “small breeders.” David knows how important it is to consistently produce the best foals you can. For each client he will design a program specifically tailored for their needs and goals. David works closely with many of the industry’s most respected trainers, breeders and agents from around the world in order to get his clients’ horses the best possible exposure.

Whether you are marketing one horse or an entire herd, David can design a plan especially for you. He offers an array of programs to help you achieve your goals. Below is just an outline of what he does. David welcomes your call or e-mail to discuss your goals.

Breeding Program Development:

If you are new to the Arabian horse industry or just looking to expand your current operation, David can assist you in putting together a breeding program expressly geared to meet your goals. Whether you are breeding world class halter horses, English Pleasure or western performance horses, he can guide and assist you in finding the perfect individuals for your program.

Program Evaluation:

David has helped many breeders honestly evaluate their current program, and guide them in the right direction when making breeding decisions. He can visit your farm to evaluate what you are doing now, and then assist you in making changes or developing a new program. Once we have determined what direction you would like to follow, David can help you to reach your goals.

Facility Design:

With his design background, David havs worked with several clients in designing new facilities or renovating existing ones. He can advise on everything, from what might seem like the smallest alteration to an overall site design, including the placement of buildings, hot walkers, bull pens, etc. David will work with you and your builder to develop a beautiful, cost effective and efficient facility—one that is not just beautiful, but also horse-friendly as well.

In 2004 David worked with a farm here in Scottsdale. The goal was to design and work with the builders and local trades to develop a Arabian horse breeding facility, and the end result was nothing short of spectacular. A new 14-stall barn was built which included the business office and a lounge fully equipped with a kitchen, dining and entertaining area. Also in the redesign of this facility was a covered 60-foot round bull pen, a new entrance with beautiful iron gates and extensive stone work, and a complete redesign of the landscaping.