Weaning at SWF | News & Info

The past several months have been a very exciting time here at Stonewall Farm. Although weaning time is not our favorite time, it is the first step in the future for our foals. We carefully select the most mature, both mentally and physically to represent SWF at the Arabian Breeders Final Show held here in Scottsdale. This year we have chosen, Marzuk SWF, (Marque x Ivory LaVita E Bella) and Bravo SWF (Jagger SWF x Focus Starlet) for the weanling colt class. Isabella SWF (Marque x Ivory LaVita E Bella) will be competing in the weanling fillies and in the aged mare classes Focus Vejora and Ivory LaVita E Bella will be presented. 

One of our favorite times that we enjoy the most is having guest from all over the world to visit SWF and see the horses and breeding program in person. Our friends Brigader Abdul Alshahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry of Oman and Franck Cibois joined us for a special presentation of the SWF horses and a wonderful evening out with our dear friend and fellow breeder Erin Naas. Great getting to know you guys and looking forward to visiting Oman. Thank you and congratulations on the purchase of the beautiful mare FH Djamila in foal to Pogrom an dthe exciting black stallion Noir El Jamaal.

SWF would also like to thank and congratulate our friends the Monro Family / Sweet Water Arabians of Washington on the purchase of the two fabulous fillies Nadina Bey SWF in foal to Jagger SWF for 2013 and Majikal, a daughter of   the Marwan Al Shaqab son Majik of Marwan. 

Meeting new people who have not been involved with Arabian horses and being able to guide and mentor them is something we love and take very serious. We are so grateful for our friends Toni & Dennis Pierce and their new found love and commitment of the purebred Arabian horse. Thank you and congratulations on your two new additions to your already impressive group of mares Ivorys Essence (El Nabilia B x Ivory LaVita E Bella) and A

Mares are all checked in foal for 2013 and we are so excited about next years foals. Guess we say that every year but each year is something different and exciting when it comes to our incredible horses. 

We do have another addition to the SWF family, a new puppy Delta an Anatolian Shepard. What an incredible breed of dog she is, loves the goats, the horses, people and loves her farm! We are so happy to have selected this breed as a guardian and pet.

Happy Fall to everyone,

Stonewall Farm


When some horses come into our lives we cant imagine them anywhere else. That was the case with the mare Miss Pryme Tyme, she is the sweetest most kind mare we have experienced in a long time. Miss PT (as we call her) came to live at at SWF when we were just getting to know out friends Dennis & Toni Pierce of Quintessa Arabians. Toni was immediately drawn to MIss PT's beauty and charming affectionate personality. On every visit Toni would ask if SWF wanted to sell Miss PT and of course the answer would be "no"! As time went on Quintessa Arabians aquired a 50% interest in this wonderful mare. This past spring Miss PT and Marque gave Quintessa Arabians a beautiful colt and as things would be Miss PT is now a foundation mare for the newly formed Quintessa Arabians. Miss Pryme Tyme will now live out the rest of her life with Toni and Dennis, being loved and spoiled rotten. We are very grateful of our friends at Quintessa and their love of the Arabian horse. Congratulations to Miss PT!