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December 19, 2007

Davide, Majdi and Scott

After a wonderful trip in Paris for the World Championships, our good friend Majdi from the Royal Jaafar Stud in Jordan came to Scottsdale for a visit and a quest to find some top quality Arabian horses for his famous stud. As usual the first stop was Scottsdale and a tour of the top farms in the Valley. David was more then happy to travel around with Majdi and his farm manager Davide.

After a few days in Scottsdale it was off to California for a visit in Santa Ynez with our all our friends there, Henry & Christie Metz, Carol Steppe, Nancy Ekland, Doug Dahmen and of course Jay and Sigi Constanti all rolled out the red carpet for us. After a few days in Santa Ynez it was down south to San Diego and a visit with Bob & Dixie North and Richard Dewalt.

After more then a week of shopping, Majdi made 12 purchases of some of the finest horses in the Southwest, including one special additional from the program of Stonewall Farm. We could not be more happy and know that these horses will get the "Royal" treatment in their future home in Jordan. Visit our recent sales section for info on the purhcases. We are very proud that Majdi placed his trust in us to find him the very best. We have valued Majdi and Princess Zein's friendship over the last few years and look forward to a successful 2008.

David and his harem in Jordan last year.

We are also planning a big Trip to Jordan and to Dubai in March for the International Championships, anyone that would like to join us please email for more information. Jordan is amazing and will be the trip of a lifetime for some.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
Stonewall Farm


December 12, 2007

Marajj the 2007 World Champion Colt

The Paris World Championship was as usual a great way to end the show year. The show this year was top quality, the competition was tough and the horses were spectacular. We were very pleased that Marajj was the Jr. Champion Colt. Marajj was successfully marketed by Scott Bailey prior to the Scottsdale Show in 2005 to Scott Allman of Specifically Equine Training Center, Germany, for his client Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qassimi of the United Arab Emirates.

We could not be happier for Sheikh Mohammed and breeder Joel Desmarteau. It was truly a special and well deserved win for Both. 


November 28, 2007

David & Gary McDonald at the Great Pyramids of Giza

David just returned from a wonderful trip to Egypt for the International Championship show. This is a highlight on our show calendar. We have developed some wonderful friendships in Egypt and have been very proud to represent the breeding program of brothers Tarek Hamdy and Ahmed Hamdy of El Farida Stud here in the USA. Working with Tarek and Ahmed has been a highlight of our years in the Arabian horse industry. You could not find 2 nicer people that truly love the Arabian Horse. We look forward to many successful years for them in Egypt and around the World.

David with our friends Ward & Mieke,
the managers of Al Khaled Farm in Egypt

Tarek first contacted us many years ago about buying our straight Egyptian mare Hadayyah (sired by El Hadiyyah and out of the exquisite mare Bint Bint Hamamaa) at that time she was not for sale, and Tarek also inquired about buying Imperial Bareez who also could not be bought at that time in his career. He we are 3 years later and Tarek and Ahmed have one of the most exciting breeding programs in Egypt and now own both Hadayyah and Imperial Bareez. Their dreams are coming true and it could not have happened to a nicer family.

Hope you had a great summer.

Stonewall Farm


July 19, 2007

Wow, how time flies! We have been very busy with many projects and some very exciting things happening at Stonewall Farm Arabians. Since our last March News we have had two incredible fillies born, a grey filly out of our foundation mare BB Flamingo Rose and sired by Al Adeed Al Shaqab and a bay filly out of SWF Foxxy Afire and sired by Magnum Psyche.

The mares are all bred and we look forward to our 2008 foals. Below is a listing of the foals we are expecting in 2008.  Some may be available for purchase in utero, please contact us for further information.

  • Hadayyah (El Hadiyyah x Bint Bint Hamamaa) in foal to Majestic Noble SMF (SOLD)
  • Miss Psyche (Padrons Psyche x Mallorca by Menes) in foal to WH Justice 
  • Magna Psyche (Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle) in foal to Selket Marque 
  • PC Scarlett Lace (Ravenwood Naseem x Wind Fol) in foal to Selket Marque
  • Natalia Bey (Padrons Psyche x Bey Shahreis by Bey Shah) in foal to OM El Shahmaan 

Selket Marque

Marque has been a busy young colt this breeding season. We offered limited breedings to him as a two-year-old and we are very grateful to the breeders who have bred their mares to our gorgeous young colt. Marque will be the proud sire of nine beautiful foals for his first foal crop in the spring of 2008. Contact us for 2008 breeding season incentives if booked before January 1, 2008.


June 10, 2007

 With the 2007 Arabian Breeders World Cup /Las Vegas behind we were so thrilled and honored to have been a big part of this show and as founding members of the new Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance we look forward to next years show and the many new and exciting things the AHBA has planned for the purebred Arabian horse and its promotion worldwide.   For more information on the AHBA and the AB World Cup show visit http://www.arabianbreedersworldcup.com/

We have had a pretty busy summer so far, David has been very busy finalizing the construction of our new home, we should be moving in the next week. Scott on the other hand has been busy traveling the world in search of the very best Arabians available. His South American trip started in Brazil where Rodolfo Guzzo presented some of the most beautiful Arabians Brazil and Argentina has to offer.  After a week stay in Brazil it was off to London and then to Jordan for another visit with our dear friends Majdi and Princess Zein.  This was Scott's 6th trip to Jordan, so it has obviously become one of his favorite destinations in the World. The outstanding collection of Arabians that call Royal Jaafar Stud their home is always at the top of our list of places to visit.

Back home for a few weeks then it was off to Menton, France for the “Mediterranean Championships”, this show has become one of Scott’s favorite shows, not just because of the high quality of horses that are presented but the location could not be better, the South of France is just beautiful this time of year and the weather could not have been better.
After Menton, Scott stayed in Belgium for a few days to visit with our friend Ward of Al Khalad Farm in Egypt and a short visit to Tom and Glenn of Schoukens Training Center.  Their farm was very beautiful and the quality of the staff was top notch.  These young guys have really done an amazing job for themselves and anyone looking for great handlers in Europe should really take a look at this farm.
We are also very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of two of the most beautiful mares sired by Triple Crown winning stallion WN Ultimate Star. Focus Starlet out of the double Ruminaja Ali bred mare Focus Fascination and Ultimate Monisah who is out of a Shaikh Al Badi daughter. Both mares are the epitome of true Arabian type with a beautifully exotic head, large black eyes and amazing tail carriage. Monisah is currently at Ferlita Arabians being bred to Laheeb for a 2008 foal. We will get an early start in 2008 with Starlet who will be bred to Selket Marque.

Congratulations to HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, & owner of Ajman Stud in the United Arab Emirates on the purchase of the stunning daughter of Don El Chall, Chammur.  She was a Brazilian National Champion and is on her way to compete in Europe with Frank Sponle.  She is an amazing mare and we were very happy to find her for our friend Sheikh Ammar.  We wish him the best of luck with her.

Congratulations to Dubai Arabian Stud in the UAE on the purchase on yet another group of outstanding mares from Stonewall Farm and our clients.  JBK Mysteria in foal to Justify, Focus Phantom Star and the Brazilian National Champion Filly, Urzi UM will be added to the wonderful collection of horses that Dubai Arabian Stud is amassing. We have really valued our new friendship with Mohammed and Abdelaziz and are very happy with the trust they have placed in us as their US Representative.
Hope you are having a great summer; we look forward to seeing you soon!
Stonewall Farm


March 5, 2007

The last couple months have been an amazing time for us. We are getting close to finishing our new home here in Scottsdale and will soon begin the construction of our new sales and marketing center.

We started the New Year out with the birth of our first foal of the 2007 foaling season. We are so excited with this new colt, we have named him Al Nakeel, born January 10, 2007 (pictured above). He is sired by the incredible 2006 World Champion Stallion *Al Lahab and out of our gorgeous Magnum Psyche daughter SWF Desert Rose. When we first saw *Al Lahab back in 2005 while visiting a show in Europe we were so thrilled to find out he would be coming to the United States and immediately booked a mare to him. The results have been nothing less then amazing. This colt has all of the qualities we look for in our Arabians from his extremely dished head with huge black eyes, long hooky neck, and the most dazzling tail carriage and movement. We look forward to his future here at Stonewall Farm.

The breeding season is well under way here at Stonewall Farm. We are very pleased with the outstanding stallions we have selected for our mares this year. Below is our 2007 breeding selections:

  • BB Flamingo Rose will be bred to Selket Marque
  • Magna Psyche will be bred to Selket Marque
  • SWF Desert Rose will be bred to MA Shadow El Sher
  • Natalia Bey will be bred to Om El Shahmaan
  • Scarlet Lace has been bred to WH Justice
  • Miss Psyche will be bred to WH Justice

We are very grateful to Mr. Mohammed Altawheedi of Dubai Arabian Stud in Dubai UAE for the trust and confidence you have placed with us in selecting an outstanding group of mares and fillies that will forever impact the breeding at Dubai Arabian Stud.

(Showkayce x WR Jullane)

Abha Gali
(El Perfecto x Abha Zenobia)

PR Nile Queen
(Thee Desperado x Queen Annes Lace)
To Wish Again
(Padrons Psyche x To Love Again)

Just A Psyche
(Padrons Psyche x NNL Just A Heat)

Psynderella FA
(Padrons Psyche x Fame Fatale)

Sheez So Fine FF
(Magnum Psyche x AP Sheez Sassy)
Priceless Moment FF
(Ecaho x Priceless LL)
GAA Coquette
(Psytanium x GAA Priceless Gem)
GAA Vanessa
(Versaces Gold x Psypress)
Magnums Exclusive
(Magnum Psyche x NW Psyches Promis)
OFW Ezalea
(Gazal Al Shaqab x G Edycja)
Trinitie FM
(Davinci FM x Autumn Star FM
(Psytadel x Zsoe)
WR Klarissa
(Fairview Klassique x SL-Calo Bration)
Shahirs Niya
(Shahis IASB x TheMinstrils Aria)
(Magnum Psyche x Lumiar Tamara)
WH Justice x Bella Rica
WH Justice x Miss Psyche

Congratulations to Mr. Tarek Hamdy and his brother Mr. Ahmed Hamdy of El Farida Stud in Cairo Egypt on the purchase of the exquisite straight Egyptian mare Imperial Kaavetah.

Congratulations to Majdi Al Saleh & HRH Princess Zein of the Royal Jaafar Stud in Jordon on the purchase of beautiful Magnum Psyche daughter MPA Psynata. We wish you the best of luck with this new addition to your farm.

Congratulations to our new friends Dan and Nancy Crocker of Dallas Texas on the purchase of the beautiful filly RRA Ennvious bred by our friends Dave and Kara Sepelveda of Redrock Arabians in Michigan. We welcome you to the wonderful world of Arabian horse ownership!

Congratulations to H.R.H. Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Al Khalediah Farm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the purchase of our exquisite mare CA Dakota Star sired by Ultimate Star and out of the beautiful mare Gai Lana. Our best wishes for you and this wonderful mare!

We are sad to have to say “Good bye” to our friends Imperial Egyptian Stud. Their nearly 40 years as a breeder of straight Egyptian Arabian horses is drawing to a close. Their breeding program will be carried on by three dedicated breeders with farms in the United States, Europe and Egypt and with whom they have entrusted the nucleus of their breeding program.

What an honor and extreme pleasure it is that our dear friends from El Farida Stud Mr Tarek Hamdy and Ahmed Hamdy have been chosen to carryon the Imperial breeding program in Egypt. Stonewall Farm is honored that we will represent El Farida’s breeding program here in the United States. We look forward to much success with the straight Egyptian Arabians from El Farida Stud and Imperial Egyptian Stud program.

Scottsdale show 2007 has come and gone and even though the show is one of our favorites we are always left with a bitter sweet feelings when the show is over. As always it was a great pleasure seeing our friends from all over the world and of course the best part is the horses. This year was no except, we are very happy to see the overall quality of the horses improving each year. The fillies and mares this year, for the second year in a row was outstanding, beautiful headed fillies with excellent conformation and pretty movement. The judges for the fillies/mares also did an exceptional job with a unanimous winner in almost every class!

We are now gearing up for the inaugural Arabian Breeders World Cup to be held in Las Vegas on April 19-22 at the South Pointe. We are so excited that breeders from all over the world have embraced this show. This is a very important show for the future of the Arabian horse market here in the United States, and we are looking forward to this spectacular event. If you would like more information on this event please visit www.arabianbreedersworldcup.com . We hope to see you there!

Happy foaling,
Stonewall Farm