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December 20, 2006 

Congratulations to Marajj and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qassimi
Marajj was just recently awarded the title of World Reserve Champion Jr. Colt in Paris. Marajj was co-owned by Stonewall Farms and successfully marketed by Scott Bailey prior to the Scottsdale Show in 2005. We knew he was going to be a star from the moment we saw him and are very happy for his breeder and new owner.

Another year is almost gone. This has been quite a busy year for us, we have had so much fun traveling the world and meeting new friends and sharing our passion for the Arabian horse. We just returned from Paris and England. The World Championship show was the best ever, we had so much fun. We arranged for some friends to go this year, many who have never been to the show. We sold out 2 tables and could have sold a 3rd if it would have been available. We look forward to going there every year. It is at the top of our list of must see horse shows.

After returning from Paris, it was right back to work as usual. We were excited that the traffic is already starting in Scottsdale. Our good friend Frank Sponle, was the first to visit this past week with a couple of his clients from Germany. Scott took them around town to all the farms and found some very nice horses for them. More details on that later.

Scott then headed to California with Frank and his clients to visit a couple of farms in the Santa Ynez area. It is always great to visit our friends in the valley. The Santa Ynez Valley would for sure be our 2nd choice of idea places to live if we were not in Scottsdale. A stop at Silver Maple, Om El Arab and Day Dream Arabians should be at the top of every ones list.

We look forward to the new year, and much more excitement with the Arabian horse. April is Vegas Baby!!! the show not to be missed. Please visit www.arabianbreedersworldcup.com for more info.

David & Scott

October 1, 2006 

With the days getting shorter and the evenings refreshingly cooler that means one thing here in Scottsdale…summer is coming to an end…yippy!!!! This is our third summer here in Scottsdale and defiantly the hottest we have experienced here but we could not be more pleased with our move. This past summer has been a very exciting time for us and we have many great things to share with you.

Our new home and facility is coming along very nicely, we are busy putting in nice big paddocks and lots of fencing. The house is now in the drywall phase of construction and we can hardly wait to be in our new place. We are still working on a design of the new barn and office and hope to start that phase of the project in early 2007.

We have been traveling a lot this summer, any excuse to get out of Scottsdale in the summer time! Travels started in Menton France this summer where Scott attended the Menton Show and then a side trip to the famous Halsdon Stud owned by Charlie and Shirley Watts. Halsdon is such an incredible farm and the English country-side is so beautiful in the summer. You can see photos on our Travels page.

After Europe Scott took a week long trip to Brazil to see the beautiful mares of Haras Vanguarda and to attend the Avare show. Brazil has such beautiful horses, with many dedicated breeders. Just as Scott returned from Brazil David and two clients of ours from Egypt took a cross country trip on the hunt for the best straight Egyptian horse they could find. Our journey started in Washington DC, we then had the pleasure of visiting Omni Arabians, Eastern Star and the world famous Imperial Egyptian Stud. We were then off to Nirvana Farms Egyptian Arabians in Kansas City Missouri and then to Texas. In Texas we had the pleasure of visiting Kehilan Arabians, DeShazer Arabians and of course no trip to Texas is complete without a visit to Michael Byatt Arabians.

We did five states in six days, it was quit the adventure, and was such a pleasure to show our new friends what a beautiful country the United States is and what great breeders we have here in the United States. Seven straight Egyptian horses will be calling Cairo Egypt their new home very soon.

Team USA winning the Breeders Cup in Aachen

From Texas it was on to Germany to attend one of our most favorite shows the All Nations Cup in Aachen Germany. We had a blast as always, seeing all of our friends from Europe and the Middle East is almost as exciting for us as the horses and of course this year was no exception. There were many spectacular horses showing and winning in Aachen that were bred in the United States and because of that for the first time in the history of the All Nations Cup the Breeders Cup went to the United States. It was a great moment for all of us Americans attending the show, including our friends Bob and Janene Boggs who bred the Champion Junior Filly. We were very pleased that the incredible stallion Al Lahab was champion in his class and went on to win Champion Senior Stallion, and Ramino was Reserve behind Al Lahab in their age class. Both stallions are extremely beautiful, we are proud to say that both of these great stallions will be a part of our breeding program. Desert Rose is in foal to Al Lahab and we have frozen semen of Ramino’s and plan on breeding him to several of our mares in 2007.

We along with everyone involved with the new Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance have been working very hard on the new association and of course the new Arabian Horse Breeders Cup that will be held in Las Vegas, April 2007. For more information on the organization and the show visit www.Arabians.com. Come and be a part of Arabian Horse history!

We look forward to seeing our friends at the U.S. Nationals and wish all of the exhibitors a great show. Hope to see you there.

David & Scott 


May 16, 2006 

We were much honored to welcome Sheikh Hamed of Al Shaqab Stud the owners and breeders of the great stallions Marwan Al Shaqab, Gazal Al Shaqab and Al Adeed Al Shaqab to Scottsdale a couple weeks ago.

This was Sheikh Hamed’s first visit to the United States in eleven years and we were thrilled to be able to escort him around the valley and present to him all of the beautiful Arabians Scottsdale has to offer. We visited many farms in the 2 days they were here and showed him all the best horses. We are extremely excited, honored and proud that upon presenting to Sheikh Hamed our collection of broodmares he was so impressed with our foundation mare BB Flamingo Rose that he purchased her unborn foal sired by Al Adeed Al Shaqab, an embryo out of BB’s daughter SWF Desert Rose and BB's grand daughter SWF Valencia who happens to be one of our most favorite mares!

We are so very honored that the famous Al Shaqab Stud will be adding the blood of our breeding program to their program. A huge “Thank you” to Michael Byatt for assisting in these purchases. We are very grateful!

The days are getting longer and hotter and that of course means one thing here in the valley of the sun. Summer is right around the corner! Breeding season is coming to an end and we couldn’t be more excited about next years foal crop.

  • BB Flamingo Rose in foal to *Al Adeed Al Shaqab
  • SWF Desert Rose in foal to *Al Lahab
  • SWF Valencia in foal to *Marwan Al Shaqab
  • SWF Foxxy Afire in foal to Magnum Psyche
  • FAR Faryna in foal to Om El Shahmaan

Congratulations to Rick & Jennifer Fett of Grand Haven, Michigan on the purchase of our beautiful mare ATA Savannah Bey. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing those beautiful foals Savannah will surely produce for you.

We are planning trips for our friends to the All Nations Cup in Aachen Germany, the Brazilian Nationals, Australia and and the Salon Du Cheval in Paris, France. If you have never attended these shows you don't know what you are missing!

Hope you are having a great summer,
David & Scott


April 22, 2006


We have returned from an absolutely incredible trip to the United Arab Emirates and Jordon a couple weeks ago. The trip started out with our group of twelve including Bob & Dixie North, Daryl Larson, Sigi Constanti, Greg Knowles, Jeff & Rich Sloan and Andrea, along with Judy Nordquist & her daughter Kim meeting in New York for the very long flight (twelve hours) to Dubai. Once we landed we were all amazed at what a great city Dubai is, very clean, safe and the things to see and do are limitless! We took lots of pictures and look forward to sharing them with you, visit our Travels page to see the Dubai pictures. While in Dubai we had an opportunity to visit some incredible stud farms, Thank You to the following for allowing us to visit, share with you our passion for the Arabian horse and tour your beautiful facility. Oh and we can not forget the food, everywhere we went it seemed the food was endless!

  • H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi – Ruler of Dubai – Al Qasimi Stables
  • H.H. Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi of Ajman Stud
  • Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani – Alzobair Stud
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qassimi - Albidayer Stud

One of our main reasons for visiting Dubai was to attend the Dubai International Horse Show and the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival . Both shows were very well done, beautiful atmosphere, wonderful people, awesome food once again and of course the most important part the gorgeous Arabian horses. Thank you to Sheikh Ammar for arranging our visit to the Dubai International Horse Show and the Dubai World Cup. Thank you to Sheikh Mohammed for the invitation to attend the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival. We look forward to welcoming you to the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas , April 2007.

In between the Dubai and Sharjah show we flew to Amman Jordan to visit Majdi Al Salah and his wife H.R.H. Princess Zein. Amman is an incredible city with so much history and many incredible historical places to visit all within a few hours drive. A huge Thank You to Majdi & Princess Zein for arranging all of the tours for us including Jerash, Petra , the Dead Sea and the Baptismal Site of Jesus. Thank you also for the beautiful presentation of your horses and of course the endless amounts of food. Having dinner at the Royal Place five nights in a row really was as incredible as it sounds! Of course riding a camel through Petra and swimming in the Dead Sea are right up there with wonderful life experiences but great food, great horses and great friends always seems to be the tops! .

While in Amman we also had an opportunity to visit with Princess Alia and tour the Royal Jordanian Stables, again what incredible history and beautiful beautiful Arabian horses. Thank you for your gracious hospitality!

After Jordon it was back home for most of the group and back to the UAE for Daryl, Sigi and the two of us. We stayed at the beautiful Ajman Kapenski resort that sits right on the Arabian Gulf . After two weeks of touring we were looking forward to just laying out on the beach, taking in the sun and doing nothing…ahh it was nice! In the evenings we attended the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Festival and once again we were wowed not only by the incredibly beautiful horses but also by the show, very exciting! The presentation of the horses was very well done and very impressive.

Needless to say our trip was phenomenal, we look forward to visiting the United Arab Emirates and Jordan again sometime soon. We are planning more trips for our friends and clients of the Arabian Horse Network and look forward to introducing you to the Arabian Horse Lifestyle!

Back her in Scottsdale things are looking great, we are extremely happy to say that we have finally broken ground on our new home and the new barn should be started shortly as well.

Hope you are having a great spring,
David & Scott 


March 18, 2006

Spring time is of course our most favorite time of year simply because it’s foaling time and our next generation of foals is arriving. We are so excited to announce that Valencia has blessed us with a gorgeous filly born March 1, 2006 (pictured below). This filly is our third filly sired by International Champion Marwan Al Shaqab. We look forward to presenting to you all three next year in Vegas 2007.

Introducing Empress of Marwan (pending)

Breeding season is well under way for us, Desert Rose has been checked in foal to *Al Lahaab, Faryna is in foal to Om El Shahaam, and Hadayyah has been bred this week to Majestic Noble SMF. Valencia will be bred later in the month back to Marwan Al Shaqab and Miss Psyche will be bred to the 2005 World Champion Junior Colt MA Shadow El Sher. We look forward to presenting our 2007 foal crop to you at Scottsdale 2007.

Congratulations to the new owners of the following horses:

  • Kathy French of Beavercreek, OH on her purchase of the very pretty filly SWF Fantasia
  • Liz Bently on the purchase of our very talented western horse ATA Marada Bey
  • Trish Ohanessian of Brookville, NY on the purchase of the exquisite black filly Ebony Chall.

Our new facility is moving forward, slowly but at least it’s moving forward. The building process here in Scottsdale is a very slow process!! We will have some pictures of our building site and will be updating them as things happen, hopefully often!

We are preparing for our journey to Dubai, Jordan and Sharjah on March 22, we have a great group going with us including Bob & Dixie North, Judy and Kim Nordquist, Daryl Larson, Sigi Constanti, Jeff & Rich Sloan and Greg Knowles. This is going to be an incredible trip and we look forward to seeing all of the beautiful farms and enjoying the International Arabian Horse Fair.

Thank you to all of you who have asked about Marajj and how he is doing. As many of you already know Marajj won the Junior Colt Championship in Ajman by Unanimous decision and was also the Highest Scoring Horse of the Show! Way to go!!!! We look forward to watching him show in Dubai and Sharjah in the next couple of weeks and reporting the news and photos to you.

Wishing you a successful breeding season,
David & Scott 


January 16, 2006

Wow time sure does seem to fly, in our last News update we talked about the show season ending now two months later we talk about the new season beginning! We have been extremely busy since the Thanksgiving weekend preparing for the Scottsdale 2006 show. Scottsdale for us is of course our most busy time of the year and this year is off with a big bang. Thank you to the many people who have been to visit with us already and to preview the exceptional young horses we have available for purchase.

Congratulations on the following new Sales:

  • Frank Sponale on your purchase of the beautiful Psyche daughter Chrsitina JD in foal to International Champion Stallion *Almir.
  • Scott Allman on your purchase of the gorgeous yearling filly SW Angelika who is sired by International Champion Magnum Psyche and out of the beautiful Dark Victory daughter OFW Heaven Sent for owners Greg and Veronica Crowdrey of Southwest Arabians.

We started off the year hosting a “Meet & Greet” party at our home the night before the meeting of the newly formed Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance. What a great evening, we had guests from all over the country with one common goal, the purebred Arabian horse. The food was delicious, the wine and drinks were great and the whole evening was just a wonderful time for all.

Karin, Carol and Melissa (the blond bombshells of the evening)

The following day was the second meeting of the AHBA. About 75 people attended the meeting shared their ideas on creating a new and much improved venue for showcasing our beautiful horses. The energy and passion for the purebred Arabian horse and this exciting new show was overwhelming. The group accomplished many tasks and we look forward to our next meeting. For more information on the AHBA and the Las Vegas Arabian Horse Show visit www.arabians.com.

North Arabians Scottsdale Facility Grand Opening

Saturday evening Bob and Dixie North had an open house and grand opening for their new Scottsdale Facility. Well over 100 people from the valley attended for great food and really beautiful horses. A special Thanks to Bob and Dixie for a great evening. www.northarabains.com

Bob & Dixie North, Rodulfo Guzzo and Greg Knowles

On Sunday Greg Knowles and Rory O’Neal hosted a brunch and presentation of their top show horses. Three of our horses were presented, Marque, Mystique and Ebony really put on a fantastic show. It was a fun morning filled with beautiful horses, great job Greg and Rory! www.arabianexpressions.com