Club SWF

Stonewall Farm has assisted a number of new breeders and not so new breeders in developing or enhancing their Arabian horse breeding  program. One of our extended families is Quintessa Farm Arabians, owned by Toni & Dennis Pierce and located in Auburn, California. The mares of the Quintessa Breeding program were all carefully selected by SWF for the Quintessa program. Visit Quintessa Farm's website for more information.

Club SWF is a small group of our fellow breeders that live outside of the Scottsdale area that wanted to have a presence here in Scottsdale during the season. We will sometimes accept a few select outside horses to be marketed by Stonewall Farm, these horses are often sired by stallions we own or represent. Below is a list of some of the clients we have worked with, we welcome you to  visit their Web sites. 

As a small breeder we know how important it is to work together with our fellow breeders in promoting the purebred Arabian horse and bringing new people into the bred. At SWF we hold a number of Open Houses were we proudly present our Arabians in a family collection, grand dam's, their daughter and their son's and daughters. Sale opportunities are always presented as well. This again gives our clients from other parts of the country an opportunity for their horses to be seen during the very popular and well attended Scottsdale season, beginning with Arabian Breeder Farm ToursScottsdale Arabian Horse Show and Arabian Horse Breeders World Cup (Las Vegas).