pas•sion (păsh'en) n.

Boundless enthusiasm

beau•ty (byōō'tē) n.

The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

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Experience the Passion

In Dubai for the 
International Arabian Championships

Our passion for the Arabian horse has provided us with a life most people only dream about, and we cherish the many extraordinary people we have met in our journeys around the world. By sharing our love of these noble horses, we are proud to have made so many friends and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to those who have graciously welcomed us into your hearts and homes. We salute your passion for your beautiful Arabians and are thankful that you have shared your joy with us. For those we have not yet met, we look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing about your own journey with the Arabian breed.

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The Story | About Us

To some, the desert is a place of vast emptiness, while to others it is a place of sublime beauty. For those whose imaginations are captured by all things equine, the desert is revered as the source of ultimate beauty – the Arabian horse.

In the western world, no desert is more beautiful than the Sonoran, with its majestic saguaro cacti and dramatic sunsets.  In an ironic twist of fate, the American desert of this region has become a modern source of the finest Arabian horses.  

As the sun rises over the mountains east of Scottsdale, Arizona, David and Scott begin a day filled with the joys of a life with Arabian horses. While many people associate the pair with Scott's highly successful web-based businesses, they are also dedicated breeders of Arabian horses.   A look at both ventures demonstrates that excellence is their standard.

The focus of our breeding program is to produce beautiful, typy Arabian horses capable of both a halter and performance career,” says David. “We also want horses that can contribute to a breeding program in a meaningful way,” Scott adds.  Both believe the key to success is the time-honored formula of acquiring exceptional mares which possess individual quality combined with superb pedigrees. “For us, the determining factor is the tail female line,” explains David, “as breeding programs around the world have demonstrated time and time again the strength and consistency of certain female lines.

The heart and soul of their program was the incomparable BB Flamingo Rose, a mare who exemplified their breeding philosophies.  While BB passed away in November of 2011 at the age of twenty-nine, she is remembered as a  breathtaking beauty who was  named an “Aristocrat Mare” by Arabian Horse World.  She produced 10 champion foals that earned an astonishing 6 U.S. National Championships, 6 U.S. Reserve National Championships, 12 U.S. Top Tens, 16 Regional Championships, 9 Reserve Regional Championships, 35 Regional Top Five Championships and nearly 100 Class A blue ribbons. One of her daughters and one granddaughter grace the Stonewall breeding program –  SWF Desert Rose by Magnum Psyche, Karianna SWF (L A Karat x F Cognacs Fantasy).  Each one of these lovely mares demonstrate the quality and consistency of the incomparable  BB Flamingo Rose.

Stonewall Farms reflects the legacy of many o f the world’s most important breeding programs and international bloodline groups.  The powerful beauty and breathtaking motion of Russian blood of the acclaimed sire Padron’s Psyche can be found in his daughter: Natalia Bey, out of the beautiful grey Bey Shah daughter Bey Shahreis. Three daughters of Natalia Bey are part of the younger broodmare collection, Penelope Bey SWF sired by the WH Justice son Ajman Moniscione and Wilhelmina Bey SWF sired by Selket Marque a son of the legandary Marwan Al Shaqab and Nairobia Bey SWF sired by Marsai Mara SWF. 

Stonewall Farm has long admired the Focus Farm breeding program developed by Loy and Linda Davidson.  This distinguished breeding program was known throughout the world for producing superb horses with exotic heads, many of which carry a strong influence of Ruminaja Ali blood.  Focus Vejora and Focus Starlet are both out of the beautiful mare Focus Fascination and feature the blood of Ruminaja Ali. Vejora on both her sire and dam sides and Starlet a daughter of WN Ultimate Star  with Ruminaja Ali on her dam side. Two of Focus Vejora's daughters are a part of the younger mare collection. Jude SWF by WH Justice and Arabella SWF by Rohara Extrem Justice. 

The remainder of our mares, often referred to as “our supporting cast,” is a unique collection. Gypsy Rose SWF is a Stonewall Farm bred mare from the first American bred foal crop of the Marwan Al Shaqab son ZT Marwteyn.  A tall gorgeous grey mare Gypsy Rose SWF is out of the Shadow El Sher daughter Jumeriah Rose SWF.  

The young horses of Stonewall Farm include Tanzania Bey SWF a incredibly beautiful filly sired Stonewall Farm's home bred stallion Marsai Mara SWF and out of Eliza Bey SWF.  Stonewall Farm eagerly looks forward to breeding these incredibly beautiful and well-bred young ladies!  

The breeding program of Stonewall Farm, LLC is purposely small, producing about six foals a year.  Every breeding is carefully planned and the results critical to the farm’s success. For both David and Scott, their favorite way to celebrate their horses is experiencing the birth of a new foal.  “Bringing a foal into the world is one of life’s most precious moments,” says David.

As dusk falls over the Sonoran desert and the fascinating shapes of the saguaro cast magical shadows, David and Scott reflect on the many joys Arabian horses have brought to their lives. “Travel has taught us so much,” explains Scott, “We love the international shows that celebrate the natural beauty of the Arabian, and also visiting the breeding programs of other Arabian enthusiasts around the world.”   They also cherish the many friendships they have gained – from South America, to Europe, to the Middle East – and look forward to more travel and friends in the future. “We love to meet people who share our passion,” says David, “and we especially enjoy welcoming them for a visit to Stonewell Farm.” 

The Arabian horse was born of the desert.  What better place to celebrate these noble creatures than one of the world’s most beautiful deserts!